After The Hair Transplant Operation

After the operation, there is a long process to pursuit and the final result will be shown after 12 months of the intervention. In order to get the aimed one, patients should be careful and cautious to the following recommendations to prevent any complications:

24 hours after your hair tansplant we see you at our clinic to wash the area with a special shampoo.

Implanted grafts can be dislodged even in the simplest bumps and rubs. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention when dressing

The first 15 days after the operation the scalp should not be exposed to direct sunlight. If the patient must get outdoors, they must protect their head, but must wear a hat that will not put pressure on the operated areas.

After the procedure we recommend you to sleep with a traveling pillow to protect the implanted grafts of rubbing it with the bed, because you may lose some grafts.

Avoid for 6 months hair related chemicals such as jelly, hair spray, conditioner, lotions.

Use for 10 days after the transplant saline water in the impolanted area, to keep wet the scabs.

Use of a special shampoo for the implanted area. (6 months).

During the first 2 weeks avoid cardiovascular exercise.

Avoid for 1 month sauna, vapor, swimming.

Not shave with razor the implanted area for at least 6 months.

The transplant area must be protected against any trauma or impact for 2 weeks.

Using a hair dryer must be avoided for a couple of weeks

Operated area should be washed every day.for at least 2 days.

Operated area should be washed every day.for at least 2 days.

It is very important to keep the transplanted area clean and hygienic.

Partial or complete hair loss in the operated area after 4-6 weeks is normal. Hair from the implanted grafts will start to regrow after 3-5 months. After around 8- 10 months regrow rate is supposed to each around 60%. Achieving the complete desired look may take up to 12-15 months.