• Procedure done from start to finish by certified Doctors.
  • Minimum manipulation of hair follicles results in a high survival rate.
  • Patented Technique
  • Standardized protocols 
  • Guaranteed natural looking results 



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The Hair Transplant procedure in Merida.

One of the best and most important hair transplant clinics in Mexico is located at Merida Yucatan. Because we know what people are searching for are results that make them feel incredible, that look so natural that nobody will notice a hair transplant was done, we ensure up to a 97% effectivity rate.

The whole procedure from start to finish is performed by a  physician trained and certified by the Natural Hair academy located at Istambul, Turkey,  and under strict DHI quality standardization protocols that we have set up to ensure lasting results for a lifetime.

Down town of Merida It offers you varied options of culture, history, entertainment and its delectable gastronomy. Therefore, we suggest you start your visit in the historic downtown of the city, where you can stroll around and admire a great variety of colonial buildings, museums, galleries, theaters, outdoor cafés, bars, typical clothes, parks, hotels, restaurants with national and international cuisine..


The diagnosis is extremely important to understand the type of treatment needed by the patient. More importantly, if a patient wants to have a hair implant procedure, we need to assess if the patient qualifies  for it or not. This diagnosis is performed by a specialist doctor and he/she determines the quantity of hairs that need to be implanted for the result to be what the patient expects and that they have a natural look.


During this medical appointment, the doctor will design your new hair (frontal hairline, eyebrows, or beard), determine the health of your scalp, and examine your donor  area.

  Finalizing the diagnosis, you will be told  the amount of hairs you can donate in your lifetime, if you qualify for a hair transplant, and we will also give you a personalized quote for your procedure.

 Any of these could be your journey, or you could come a few days before your procedure and have more days to visit one of the many towns we have on amazing tropical beaches. We want you to compare the Vandan  experience with any other option you may have, see for yourself why you should choose Vandan Hair..


The hair follicles are extracted manually, one by one, from the donor area. This is done with a specialized tool called a punch that has a diameter of 1mm or less. To maintain the vitality of the follicles, we use hypothermosol which is a solution that, with the help of the ice packs, maintains the follicles in the ideal temperature so that their vitality does not decrease.



The hair follicles are implanted manually with a previous mathematical calculation and with a specialized patented implanter that permits the doctor to have control over  the angle, direction, and depth of each hair being implanted. This is what guarantees a completely natural look and the correct distribution of hair in the affected area.


The Vandan Hair & Skin Clinic in Merida Yucatan has amazing results  which are 100% natural looking and permanent. 

“I am so happy, I feel proud of having this procedure done”

Andre Luc

Andre Luc experience with Vandan Hair & Skin Clinic

Andre Luc is a retired businessman, for him, baldness was never an option. Thankfully, he found us while researching about hair loss solutions. Vandan Hair & Skin  provided exactly what he was looking for and the results have been amazing.

We had the opportunity to follow the process of his hair transplant procedure. Six months after the surgery, we could already see these great results.

Andre is one more patient for whom we are able to fulfill their dream.

Having healthy hair in a major factor in good appearance and essential for self-confidence since it can also affect social life.

Statics suggest that 1  in every  3 people will experience hair loss at some point in their lives.

Regain your hair by microsurgical procedure performed under operating room conditions and professionals.



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Medical Tourism US Certified Member